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nottanzanite's Journal




Name: Zoisite
Fandom: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Time Period: Just after Episode 33, "The Last Sailor Warrior, Sailor Venus Appears"
Wing Color: Pale Green
Personality: It's very clear to the viewer that Zoisite's not really the brains of the outfit. He's more of a doer than a thinker, yet at the same time he's clearly very eager to impress and be put in a position of power. He's extremely quick to think of a plan on his feet and works diligently to ensure that there's always room for escape and a chance at victory. He rarely gets truly disheartened, but this could be due to the stunted emotions that all of the Shitennou seem to possess. Zoisite's affections lie with Kunzite, and to some degree, the Queen. But it's easy to see that he values his lover over their leader, which is clearly saying something as her hold over them is quite powerful.

In the manga, Zoisite shows great naivity and honesty. He genuinely loves all of his fellow Shitennou and feels great remorse when they die. In the anime, he seems to have his emotions surpressed to the point where he can only show rage, jealously, and affection for Kunzite. He displays an enjoyment for beautiful things in both of them, as well as an affinity for beautiful things. He loves roses and seems to be easily swayed by that and jewlery. He dislikes rats to an extreme degree but is capable of conquering his fears if it means achieving his goals. He's a bit of a humorous character, but is still a Shitennou first and foremost and has no qualms about squashing people who get in his way.

Strengths: Zoisite is an excellent strategist, he's quick to think on feet (anytime his plans went awry, he usually had a backup or a quick means of escape). He's extremely cunning (he plotted to kill Nephrite so that he and Kunzite could become Queen Beryl's right hand men, and in the manga he did most of the plotting on his own). He's extremely loyal to those he loves and has no problem putting himself in the line of fire if it means that the person he cares for is safe.

Zoisite's powers include teleportation (he appears and disappears in a flurry of cherry blossoms), fire summoning, and crystal making. His powers of disguise are almost to the level of Nephrite and Jadiete's (except he, unlike them, seems to remember that changing one's hair is usually a good idea).

Weaknesses: Zoisite is an extremely jealous man. If Kunzite even so much as glances at another person, male or female, he is quick to assume that he is cheating on him. He's extremely vain and concieted and often cares more about his appearance than getting the job done (he wigged out when someone cut his face). He's got a phobia of rats. He behaves rashly and often rushes headlong into battle when angery enough. He enjoys taunting his opponents far too much and usually winds up geting in over his head.


History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shitennou_(Sailor_Moon)#Zoisite

Zoisite was born in the Golden Kingdom in the age in which Prince Endymion's father ruled. He was raised to be one of the Four Heavenly Generals and leader of the European part of the world. This was a time of peace, a time in which the world flourished under the hand of it's gentle king. Zoisite grew up among the other Shitennou in the palace, serving as a guard to the royal family. He formed close bonds with his ellow generals, his prince, and all of his people. Not a single person had anything to fear so long as the Royal Family had their Kings.

However, turmoil began as Prince Endymion met and fell in love with the Princess of the Moon Kingdom. The two worlds did not get along at all, the Earth Kingdom envied the people of the Moon for their long lives and the people of the Moon hated the Earth Kingdom for their short lives and meager technologies. This rift was the reason that the world opposed the relationship so much, and the relationship itself was the reason that the Sorceress, Beryl, came to power and brainwashed the worried Generals to join her on this quest to break them up.

This conflict escalated violently. Finally breaking into all our war at masqurade ball. Many people died that night, Zoisite and the other Shitennou included, and Queen Serenity herself saved them all that night by sacrificing herself. This sent them into the future to be reborn, but this is the tale that you may not have heard of.

The Sailor Senshi were not the only ones to be reborn in the new world. The Shitennou and Queen Beryl herself were brought back once more into the world to live as normal people. However, when in the Arctic Circle, Queen Beryl located Queen Metalia once more and was overtaken again by her darkness. The Shitennou, like Endymion himself, were born with the compulsion to find their Prince without knowing who or where he was. When Beryl approached each man induvidually with the offer to aide them, they could not refuse. Thus bringing about the beginning of the series.

Zoisite and Kunzite became very close in this new world. With little to no human emotion left, their love was the only thing that really sustained them and kept them going. This was, however, tempered with jealousy and rage quite easily. Although extremely loyal to each other, their loyalties truly lay with their Queen. The two of them had a myraid of plots to prevent the other Generals from being her second in command, eventually spinning themselves into their own demises.

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